ChapterNet Overview: Dollars for Scholars® applications are now available via ChapterNet! Developed by Scholarship America®, this online tool allows students to input their general information and have it all in one convenient place while going through the application process. ChapterNet's simple, straightforward design also helps students find scholarships they might not have found otherwise- and since all of the student's basic information is already in ChapterNet, applying for multiple scholarships is faster and simpler.

ChapterNet isn't just an application portal, either. In the Student Dashboard, students can view their progress and explore local chapter opportunities, scholarship listings and matches; there are also links to national news and resources that provide help with the college process. Finally, ChapterNet helps students find volunteer and internship opportunities, additional financial aid tools, college success resources, and even allows students to export a resume!

  • Follow the scholarship application instructions below
  • Login to create or update your profile
  • Apply for our local scholarships with just a few clicks
  • View opportunities from Scholarship of America's partners across the nation.

Please reference the following instructional documents to create and edit your student profile. After completion of your student profile, follow the application instructions below to apply to the Northridge DFS Scholarship. Upon completion of the application, click "submit" to send us your application.

Instructions: 2018-2019 Application

Students and Parents: Click below to log into the ChapterNet Student Dashboard!

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